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Jewelry + Metalsmithing: Guide

Search BROWN

  • Once an initial search is done, select SEARCH BROWN
  • This link will repeat your search in Brown's catalog
  • RISD students may borrow 5 books at a time from Brown Libraries.

online catalogs beyond RISD/ATH + Brown

arcade, catalog of 3 New York Art Resources consortium libraries (Brooklyn Museum, Frick, MOMA)

artlibraries, national art libraries of Europe and North America

theeuropeanlibrary, search resources from 48 national libraries in Europe in 20 languages

worldcat, international catalog of 10,000+ library catalogs

To request items not owned by RISD/ATH or Brown, use Interlibrary Loan.

Search the RISD/ATH catalog

Search the RISD/ATH Catalog linked from the library's website:

Search the online catalog by Keyword or by Subject, Author, or Title.  A sound search strategy uses multiple approaches to find information on a topic.
A keyword search can lead you to appropriate subject headings. Begin with a keyword search, then browse the titles of the books retrieved. Select useful titles and look at the subject headings of those titles. These subject headings can lead you to further books on your topic.


Begin by doing a KEYWORD search in the RISD/ATH Catalog 

examples: patina
                 body adorn*
*using the asterisk to truncate the root of a word will search for variants of the word
adorn*=adorn, adorned, adorning, adornment

Search by SUBJECT
Subject searches offer a rich and systematic entry into the catalog by way of the subject headings assigned to each item. By exploring subject headings, one may uncover new facets of a topic and related items cataloged under the same subject terms. Use subject headings to gather terminology that can be used when searching meta-catalogs, google books, and article databases.
examples: objects

Search by AUTHOR
Think of the ARTIST AS AUTHOR of his or her own work. Search by author to locate monographs of an artist's or design firm's work and writing by the firm/artist. Author searches also locate museum and gallery publications.
examples: Tiffany
                  Gorham Manufacturing Company
                  Museum of Arts and Design

Search by TITLE
Use title searches when the exact title is known. Leave out articles such as a, an, the(e, el, le, la...)
example: botany of desire

If RISD doesn't own the book or it's checked out, use SEARCH BROWN to locate copies at Brown Libraries.


J + M RISD Graduate Theses
You may scan this List of J+M RISD Masters theses or see the
RISD Master's Thesis Guide for more information.