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Welcome to the Printmaking Research Guide

Here you will find useful books, links, and resources to complete assignments and conduct research. This guide is a good way to get started with your research. If you have more questions or need additional help, just ask! There are librarians available to help you find answers.

The Art of Browsing

Here are some helpful tips:

Books in the RISD Fleet Library are organized by topic using Library of Congress classification system. Printmaking is under the letters NE. You can browse the collection digitally by clicking on this link. If you are interested in browsing the shelves, you can use this map and these call number ranges as a guide:

NE 1-3002 Print Media

NE 1-978 Printmaking and engraving

NE 1-90 General

NE 218-(330) Engraved portraits Self-portraits

NE 380 Conservation and restoration of prints

NE 390-395 Collected works

NE 400-773 History of printmaking

NE 830-898 General works

NE 951-962 Special subjects

NE 965-965.3 Tradesmen's cards

NE 970-973 Study and teaching

NE 975-975.4 Competitions

NE 977-978 Equipment


NE 1000-1352 Wood engraving

NE 1000-1027 General

NE 1030-1196.3 History

NE 1220-1233 General works

NE1310-1326.5 Japanese prints

NE 1330-1336 Linoleum block prints

NE 1340 Fish prints

NE 1344-1345 Potato prints

NE 1350-1352 Other materials used in relief printing


NE 1400-1879 Metal engraving

NE 1400-1422 General

NE 1620-1630 General works

NE 1634-1749 History

NE 1750-1775 Copper engraving

NE 1850-1879 Color prints


NE1940-2232.5 Etching and aquatint

NE 1940-1975 General

NE1980-2055.5 History

NE 2120-2140 General works

NE 2141-2149 Special subjects

NE 2220-2225 Dry point


NE 2236-2240.6 Serigraphy

NE 2242-2246 Monotype (Printmaking)

NE 2250-2570 Lithography

NE 2685-2685.8 Lumiprints

NE 2690 Engraving on glass

NE 2800-2880 Printing of engravings

NE 3000-3002 Copying art. Copying machine art


For SUBJECT searches try:

Prints -- History.

Prints -- Technique.




Lithography, American.

For KEYWORD searches, you can either use add terms or use phrases. An example: when searching for American printers catalogs try printers AND American or "American prints" as searches and see what you can find.


Exploring Theses

One of the best ways to learn about what other artists have done is by viewing and studying the thesis projects of past RISD students. To search the catalog for Printmaking Theses click here.

Citation Managment

Requesting an Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If the Fleet, Brown or the Athenaeum libraries doesn't have what you are looking for, you can request materials from other libraries! Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a library privilege that allows the Fleet Library to "check out" materials that we don't have from other libraries. If we don't have something you need you can request it through ILL and we will look to see if we can borrow it from another library.

Through ILL you can request:

    CDs, Musical Scores

Request an Item Now


You can request items through Fleet search when you see this option below an item.


If you'd like help, please contact the Reference Desk, 401-709-5902 |

Renewing Books Online

Step 1.

Step 2.  Log In

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  • Barcode: Type in the 14-digit barcode number on the back of your RISD ID ( It starts with 3444400...)







Step 3. Sort Items by

  • Due Date
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New due dates will appear in red

Fantastic, you're done!

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