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Student Guide to the RISD Digital Image Database, RDID: Login and Collection Information

A step-by-step guide to searching and downloading images from RDID


To login to RDID, go to the Library website and click on the RDID link on the home page. This will take you to our welcome screen. Use your RISD username and password to login. When you first login to the database, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of usage for the individual collections.

Our login page also has links to posts in the RISD Visual Resources blog, announcing any new set of images that we have recently added to the database.

Collection Information

RDID is RISD’s local image library. It was created with images requested by RISD faculty for their lectures, as well as images contributed by several departments in the college. At present, RDID contains over 6,000 images and is constantly growing. RDID consists of the following collections:

•    The RISD Visual Resources Library: A collection of digital images of art and architecture from all historical periods and locations, created by the Visual Resources Center for use by RISD faculty and students. The collection is constantly being expanded by requests from RISD faculty and further acquisitions by the Visual Resources Center.

•    RISD Posters from the Archives: A collection of posters of RISD events throughout the decades, maintained by the Archives department in the Library.

•    Loeb Design Science Collection: Dr. Arthur Loeb's silk-screen prints of geometric designs and patterns. Loeb founded the Design Science program at Harvard University. The original items from the Loeb collection are currently kept in the Nature Lab.

•    NASA Image eXchange (NIX): This is a remote collection, made available to all organizations using MDID2 software, which powers the RDID database. The NASA Image eXchange (NIX) is a web-based search engine for searching NASA's online multimedia collections. This service is an initiative sponsored by the NASA STI Program toward linking many existing photo databases in NASA. NIX is a shared collection from MDID, the software that runs the RISD Digital Image Database. See for more information.

•    RISD Faculty Gallery: This is a growing collection, which features works by RISD faculty across the departments.

•    RISD Student Gallery: A recently created collection documenting work by RISD students from different departments.

•    RISD Public Collection: This is a collection of digital images from materials in the RISD Library that are in the public domain, and therefore not subject to copyright restrictions. RISD guests, alumni, faculty and students are encouraged to browse the collections and download any images they may need for their lectures/projects. At present, Public Collections include period images of the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1900.

•    Ruth Laxson Artist Book Archive: This collection documents artist Ruth Laxson's books and the processes by which they get made.