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FLEET LIBRARY | Research Guides

Rhode Island School of Design

E101: First-Year Literature Seminar

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Where to Start?

When you're just starting research, look for basic information to build your core knowledge of the topic. While many of us like to skim a Wikipedia page for this purpose (yes, even librarians do it), you can get even more reliable information from an encyclopedia article. Try:

Where next?

What kind of information do you need?

  • Books --> works of literature, theory, broad overviews of a topic, deep analysis of an author or literary work
    • Look in the Library Catalog for print books AND eBooks. You can make an appointment to visit the library or simply request items for pickup.
  • Scholarly articles --> literary criticism, theory, academic themes, connecting the dots between different works
    • Search the Literary Reference Center and MLA databases.
    • Find even more material using Fleet Search, which queries a lot of databases at one (including JSTOR, Literary Reference Center, and much more). Check the box that says "Peer Reviewed" to limit your search to scholarly material.
  • Popular sources --> Magazine articles, radio/podcasts, social media: interviews with authors, biographical information, current trends & context
    • Use Fleet Search, and click "Magazines" in the left filter panel.
    • Explore the broader internet, using your best judgement about what sources are trustworthy (don't forget the CRAAP test!). You can always ask your professor or a librarian!
  • Newspapers --> current events, politics, historic context, sometimes interviews