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Rhode Island School of Design

Publications: Students, 1910-

Student Publications, 1910-

Lotus, 1910

RISOD, 1914

The Salamander

            Monthly (five issues)

The Student Designer

            December 1929-January 1932 (1:1-3:3)
            Missing: 2:3; 3:1,4,5(?) 


            1935; 1940 (1-6; 1-2)

The Designer

            1942 (vols. 1-3)




            April 1955-November 1968 (3:18-19:8)     

The Designer’s News

            May 1969


            October 1969-December 1970
            1:1-21; 2:1-5
            Missing: 1:8, 9, 12-18, 20


            March or April, 1970
            One issue


            January-May 1972


            October 1972-December 1972
            1:1-2 plus an introductory issue

RISD Press

            February 9, 1973-Fall 1974; Fall 1975-May 25, 1978


            January 17, 1975-May 9, 1975 (1:1-13)

Incorporated Press, Inc.

            December 11, 1978-May 18, 1979 (vols. 1-6 [7])


            February-March 1980; February-May 1981

RISD Voice

            September 25, 1981-February 1990 (1:1-9:5)
            Missing: 5:1

Penny Dreadful Commission

            1989-1990      (1-5)


            February 1993-June 1996

Your Name Here

            Spring 1996 (1:1-2)

Mixed Media

           April 22, 1996- (1:3- )
           Missing: 4:3, 8
           Continuation of “Your Name Here”  

Offset Magazine

            1997 (#1)


            2013 (vol. 1)

Publication History

The RISD students' first publication, Lotus, appeared in 1910. The yearbook featured short essays and poems about academic departments, students, and their social activities. The RISD Athletic Association published RISOD in 1914. Similar to Lotus, this effort included photographs and descriptions of the senior class as well as photographs of the sports teams with schedules and scores. 

Francis Quirk and Earl l. Shoemaker published The Salamander monthly, 1925-1926, featuring literary topics, school events, and monthly reviews of student affairs. The short mimeographed magazine was the first of six student magazines or newsletters published between 1925 and 1942. 

The postwar era led with Spectrum, initially a traditional magazine containing news, stories, and illustrations, 1951-1954. The magazine transitioned to longer essays from 1955 to 1959 when it become a yearly portfolio of student art work. Blockprint served as RISD's traditional student newspaper, 1952-1968. The newspaper switched to a magazine format in 1965 and became associated with the Underground Press Syndicate in 1967. Students published the final editions of Blockprint and Spectrum in 1968.

Student publications returned to a series of short lived newspapers from 1969 until 1973 when the RISD Press began publishing. The paper served the campus until 1978 when the paper closed due to a disagreement with RISD administrators. The Brown Herald Journal published the first seven issues of RISDVoice in 1981-1982. RISD students published the traditional bi-weekly newspaper through 1990. 

Five issues of Penny Dreadful Comics were published, 1989-1990, by a non-profit collective association of students led by Jason Lutes. The last publication of length is Mixed Media which began in 1996 as Your Name Here, a replacement for a weekly calendar of events. The eclectic magazine appeared on campus until 2003. Students began an online newspaper, the All-Nighter, in 2011. A literary magazine of the same name appeared in 2013.