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The Fleet Library showcases a variety of book collections and displays throughout the year.

Student Employee Recognition - Class of 2020

Each spring, the Fleet Library recognizes the hard work and dedication of its graduating student employees by purchasing a book in their name for the library's circulating collection. Below are the books selected by the undergraduate and graduate student workers from the class of 2020. We thank them for all their hard work!


"I think this is an incredible collection of Mike Kelley's paintings."


HILLARY BRAME  |  BRDD, Furniture Design and Development Studies, BFA

"It deals directly with going away to college, but also addresses displacement and resilience more generally. It gave me a lot of hope."



"I have been thinking a lot about the concept of desire as it pertains to food, and much of my thesis explores this idea. This book portrays examples of how contemporary photographers style food in their work, from the mundane to the surreal. I love how food exists at the intersection of utility, desire, gluttony, and surrealism. Reflecting on my own relationship with food, I identify with the manipulation of food in photographic settings as a means of portraying an overwhelmingly beautiful yet unnerving image."


KARA COX  |  Painting, MFA

"One of my favorite books. I would like to have it, especially since it's not already at Fleet or anywhere nearby. It's a cultural exploration of the topic of suicide over a long time, and how that has changed in social and cultural perception over the years. An analytical approach with a sense of humor and brevity. Critchley also uses authors' writings for analysis. It's not as dark as the title would suggest."


SUE FARFAN  |  Illustration, BFA

"This book was really important to me as a child because it made me feel seen. It felt like my understanding of the world as a child was being taken seriously, that there existed this conscientious effort to understand children. In addition to that, this book helped me shape my understanding of love and how it manifests in the connections we make. I explore the concept of love within my own work, the many ways it can exist from person to person, within different communities. This book is extremely influential and valuable to me in that sense."


ELENA FORAKER  |  Graphic Design, MFA

"Reading this book was the very beginning and first inspiration for my thesis."


BENJAMIN HAN  |  Architecture, BFA

"Fungi are some of the most under-appreciated agents of life in our world, occupying a hybrid space between plants and animals. Fungi create worlds for others, regenerate masses of land such as forests and create the very soil that all of life exists on. This book is about the matsutake mushroom and inspired my thesis. The matsutake is the most expensive mushroom in the world but thrives exclusively in human-disturbed forests, largely in the pacific northwest. The matsutake cannot be farmed, provides a space of refuge for veterans and Cambodian refugees, and has created a hidden culture of exchange that is nothing like how we buy and sell items every day."


JAMES KIM  |  Industrial Design, BFA

"Gaudi's approach of studying nature and applying that research to his works is truly inspiring."


NADIA LAHLAF  |  Illustration, BFA

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to share the book of my faith."


HAILLE MCKENZIE  |  Film/Animation/Video, BFA

"Archy Marshall is inarguably great. It'd be a unique and cool addition to our special library."


CONNOR PARSLEY  |  Film/Animation/Video, BFA

"A good, contemporary addition to the philosophy section."


JORDAN SCOTT THOMAS  |  Film/Animation/Video, BFA

"I love this film and I love the landmark achievements it has made. I am partial to graphic novels and I found this to be the best of both worlds."


CLARA WISE  |  Jewelry and Metalsmithing, BFA

"I love it and think the library should own it."


VANISSA WONG  |  Graphic Design, BFA

"Flyer design became an art form in what was a significant youth culture movement, and I wanted to impart a bit of my love for emphera to the next generations of RISD students."


ABEL YAN  |  Industrial Design, BFA

"This book has beautifully documented examples of classic Japanese kitchen knives, and how to use them for a variety of ingredients. An excellent representation of kitchenware design, ergonomics, and product-oriented problem solving."