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Adaptive Reuse: Locate Adaptive Reuse Articles

Improve search results by applying these strategies to adaptive reuse searches

Finding Adaptive Reuse Projects

When doing open-ended, exploratory searches for examples of adaptive reuse, remember projects may not be described by the term adaptive reuse. Improve search results by incorporating the phrases recommended in the Searching tips on this page.

Searching tips

Although the links in this guide point to examples in the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, the concepts can be applied to most online and print sources.

Start with simple searches and build, narrow or refine your search depending on the results.

The phrase "adaptive reuse" can be searched as a subject.

Be aware the phrase "adaptive reuse" is not always used in the body or summary of an article.

Add these descriptive phrases using quotes to your keyword or subject search.

"conversion of buildings" or "alterations and additions to buildings"


"mixed use" or "multi use"


"concentration camps + alterations and additions"

"prisons + conversion of buildings"


To find sources by typology, use the phrase,

"_____  into  ____" to find adaptive reuse by building type.


"prisons into museums"

"prisons into  ___"

"asylums into  ___"

"hospitals into  ___"

"mills into ___"

"____  into libraries"

"____  into churches"

Add the phrase "case study" to your search to focus a large list of results while finding these specific documents.

Search with the phrases, "barrier free design" or "universal design"