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Rhode Island School of Design

Online Library Access & Your Account

Manage Your Library Books

Your account enables a few simple, but useful functions.

  • Manage holds: view or cancel requests you've made for items
  • Current check-outs: view and RENEW checked-out items
  • View unpaid fees: View bills from the library (and please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss these!)
  • View reading history: see what you've checked out over time (or opt out of this feature)

Reading History

Your reading history, a chronological list of all items you've borrowed from Fleet Library, is available to you by default. Some people find this feature very useful for remembering what they have checked out! Others don't use it, and some prefer to turn it off.

Either way, please know that our staff do not have access to your reading history. Only you do. We can see what items you have currently checked out, and items with a fine attached. 

opt out buttonTo stop collecting your reading history, log into your account and choose "Reading History" (bottom of the list above). Select the button labeled "OPT OUT."