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Rhode Island School of Design

Zines: Zines in the Exhibition

ZINES: By the People, For the People

Art Freak/ Carol Parks
Artists’ Books Ar74Fr (2006)

Art/Life vol. 8, no. 1/ Joe Cardella
Artists’ Books Ar77R (1973-)

Art-Rite/ Edit deAk, ed.
Artists’ Books Ar77R

Assembling (Fourth, 1973)/ Richard Kostelanetz, ed.
Special PS536.2 .A8

Battlestack Galacti-crap/ Brian Chippendale
Artists’ Books C446Ba

Bedding Down with the Old Boys/
The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, v. 11, no. 4, 1993
Special Collections

Bile “Dadazine” (1978-)/ Bradley Lastname
Artists’ Books B484Da

Bumperstickers Observed (1983, 2000)
Alan Jones, Jeff Koons
Artists’ Books K834Bu

Destroy All Monsters (c1996; 1975-79)/ Mike Kelley
Artists’ Books  K298D

Free Loop #2/ Alyce Santoro & J.P. Jacquet
Artists’ Books  Sa586FL

A Great Bear Pamphlet (original edition, 1966):          
Manifestos/ Ay-o (et al.)
Artists’ Books M319A

A Great Bear Pamphlet (original edition, 1966):
Some Recent Happenings/ Allan Kaprow
Artists’ Books K14So

A Great Bear Pamphlet (Facsimile edition):
The Art of Noise (Futurist Manifesto, 1913)/
Diter Rot (shown open)
Diary: How to Improve the World…/ John Cage
The last french fried potato/ Emmet Williams
Lettuce Manifesto/ Al Hansen
Special PN6014 .G732 2007

Hall, Marcellus, titles by:
The Absolute Truth/ Artists’ Books H144V (c1989)
Hard Luck Stories/ Artists’ Books  H144H
Lies, Lies, Lies, All Lies (c1988)/ Artists’ Books H144L
The Vast Ranch, II/ Artists’ Books H144V (c1989)

How to Read Donald Duck/ Ariel Dorfman
Artists’ Books D732H 1984

I am Me Products
The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, v. 11, no. 4, 1993
Special Periodicals

Instant Zine Archive, Booklyn Artists’ Alliance:
Biff #4/ Bill & Alie Donahue
Becozwehaf 2/ Leah Newbold
Broken Hipster/ Emiko Badillo
Camo Jacket #5/ Jazz McGinnis
Dimensions II/ various artists
Fagazine/ Josh Ulrich
Figure 8 #3/ Krissy Durden
Greenzine #14/ Christina Carrera
Ideas in Pictures #4/ Colin Matthes
The Missing Peace (2006)/ Laila & Ronni Ruldan
Nosedive #14 (2005)/ Alex Dunn
Shotgun Seamstress #2 (2007)/ Osa Atoe
Xtra tuff #5 (2005)/ Moe Bowstern
Zine Librarian Zine #2, 2003/ Greig Means
Artists’ Books Flat Folio B642Zi

It’s a Project (2004)/ Chicks on Speed
Artists’ Books Oversize C438It

Keith Haring/ Keith Haring
Artists’ Books  H225


Lost ‘n Jealous/ Lila Ash
Artists’ Books  RISD 2011As4Lo

Made in Zaumland (1993)/ Serge Segay
Artists’ Books Se43M

Milkcrate Digest #1-3/ John Freeborn
Artists’ Books  F876M (1994-)

My Evil Twin Sister #2 (1995)/ Amber Gayle, Stacey Wakefield
Artists’ Books W343My           

New Wavy Gravy 2 (c1985)/ Raymond Pettibon
Artists’ Books P46Ne                                    

Notes to a Friend, Silently Listening/ William Schaff
Artists’ Books  Sch125No

Pansy, pepper
The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, v. 11, no. 4, 1993
Special Periodicals

Or (1976 -)/ Uncle Don Milliken
Artists’ Books OR1M

Paper Rodeo #15 (2001)/ Leif Goldberg, ed.
Special Periodicals

Paraffin (c1989)/ Eze Chimalio
Artists’ Books Oversize C442P

Radical Software #4, #6 (1970-)/ Raindance Corp.
Special Periodical

Artists’ Books R35R (1988-1989)

Rent-Free in the East Village/ Beatrice Schafroth
Artists’ Books  Sch14R (c1985)

Scam #6/ Iggy Scam
Instant Zine Archive, Booklyn Artists’ Alliance
Artists’ Books Flat Folio B642Zi

Schiff, Clayton, titles by:
Hey Come Here/ Artists’ Books  Sch48He

Search & Destroy (1977 -1979)/ V. Vale
Special Periodical

Semiotext(e) (1987)/
Jim Fleming & Peter Wilson, eds.
Special Periodical

Short Teats, Bloody Milk (1978-)/ Raymond Pettibon
Artists’ Books B484Da            

S.M.S.: A collection of original multiples, published in 1968
by The Letter Edged in Black Press
Special NX1 .A1 S12 1988

Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations (2000?)/ Todd Alden & Sonic Youth
Artists’ Books  So57So           

Sterilization, Elimination/ Nan Becker
Artists’ Books  B34S (1983?)

Stolen Sharpie Revolution/ Alex Wrekk
Artists’ Books  Z 385.5 .W74 2005           

Switch #2 (1981)/ F. Dewey & T. Simone, eds.
Artists’ Books Sw52

Thermos, vol. 3, no. 4 (1985)/ Old Dominion University. Art Dept.
Artists’ Books T399Mo

T.V. Baby: poem/ Allen Ginsberg
Special PS 3513 .I74 T2 1968

Wetties on the Beach 4/
Norman Shapiro & Joseph Szabo
Artists’ Books Sh35W (1988)

The Whole Earth Catalog, Fall-Spring, 1970/ Portola Institute
Special Periodical