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Ethics in Art & Design

A guide with multiple points of entry into art and design ethics

Equality, Rights, Social Justice

Animals have always been compelling subjects for artists, but the rise of animal advocacy and posthumanist thought has prompted a reconsideration of the relationship between artist and animal. In this book, Steve Baker examines the work of contemporary artists who directly confront questions of animal life, treating animals not for their aesthetic qualities or as symbols of the human condition but rather as beings who actively share the world with humanity.

Newtopia: the state of human rights (exhibition catalogue)
At the instigation of the curators, the question of human rights is not only examined from a philosophical and ethical point of view, but is also linked to the work of seventy international contemporary artists. In the catalogue the selected works constitute a corpus, which clearly shows to what extent the question of human rights is also a recurrent theme within the field of art. However, the publication on this particularly ambitious project aims to be more than just an exhibition catalogue. The current situation of human rights is charted in the first part on the basis of essays and philosophical reflections and is followed by contributions of several international human rights activists.

What is posthumanism?

What does it mean to think beyond humanism? Is it possible to craft a mode of philosophy, ethics, and interpretation that rejects the classic humanist divisions of self and other, mind and body, society and nature, human and animal, organic and technological? Can a new kind of humanities-posthumanities-respond to the redefinition of humanity's place in the world by both the technological and the biological or "green" continuum in which the "human" is but one life form among many?

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Animal rights
Civil rights in art

Human rights in art

Posthumanities (series)
Social justice

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