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Rhode Island School of Design

RISD Architectural Drawings: Chace Center

Building History

Name Chace Center
aka Parking Lot; Old Providence-Washington Building
Location 20 North Main Street (20 Market Square)
Acquired 1953 September 3
Construction Date 2008
Original Plans Partial set
Architect Jose Rafael Moneo
Plat / Lot 12/96

Chace Center, 2000-2008

Descriptive Title Date
RISD Center - Schematic Design 2000
RISD Center 2001
RISD Center - Post DD Review Set 2003
RISD Center - Post DD Review Set 2003
RISD Center - Progress Construction Documents 2003
RISD Center - 100% Construction Documents 2004
Chase Center Fire Alarm As-Built 2006
RISD Center 82' Truck Turn 2006 March 13
RISD Center Steel As-Built 2006-2007
RISD Center Steel As-Built 2007
Chase Center Plumbing As-Built 2006-2008
RISD Center Audio Visual As-Built 2006-2008
RISD Center Audio VIsual As-Built 2008
RISD Center Electric As-Built 2006-2008
RISD Center Electric As-Built 2008
RISD Center Security As-Built (Closed) 2006-2008
RISD Center Security As-Built 2008
Chace Center Foundation As-Built 2007
Chace Center Site Plan 2007 March 8
Chase Center Fire Protection As-Built 2007-2008
RISD Center HVAC As-Built 2007-2008
RISD Center Utility As-Built 2008
RISD Center Utility As-Built 2008
RISD Chace Auditorium - Audio-visual As-builts 2008