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Rhode Island School of Design

Landscape Architecture

An introductory guide to resources for Landscape Architecture.

Landscape Infrastructure

Garden + Planting design

Climate Positive Design
is a research initiative launched in 2019 to improve the carbon impact of the built environment through collective action. Its mission is to help projects become Climate Positive solutions that sequester more carbon than they emit. Learn how to increase carbon sequestration and reduce carbon footprints in the Climate Positive Design Toolkit. Use the Pathfinder app to calculate the impact of materials, plants and operations on your site plan.

Native Plants

Flora Novae Angliae : a manual for the identification of native and naturalized vascular plants of New England (available in print and ebook)

Vascular Flora of Rhode Island : a list of native and naturalized plants

Go Botany (The Native Plant Trust) is an authoritative source for identifying, sharing, exploring, and discovering New England’s plants. For beginners and experts. Includes over 3,500 native and naturalized plants of New England.

Rhode Island Natural History Survey gathers and disseminates information on RI’s animals and plants, geology, and ecosystems to improve the management of natural resources, and support those dedicated to the ecology of RI. 

Invasive Species Portal

Natural Communities of Rhode Island (NCRI). 2006 (pdf)

Rhode Island Ecological Communities Classification. Technical Report. 2011 (pdf)

Rhode Island Wild Plant Society is a
 nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of Rhode Island’s native plants and their habitats.


Indigenous lifeways

Iwígara : American Indian ethnobotanical traditions and science


Native American Food Sovereignity Alliance advocates for and supports all levels of food security and food sovereignty in local, tribal, regional, national and international arenas. NAFSA hosts the Indigenous Seed Keepers Network which promotes Indigenous culturally diversity for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants.


Seed Savers Exchange stewards Americaʼs culturally diverse and endangered garden and food crop legacy for present and future generations. They educate and connect people through collecting, regenerating, and sharing heirloom seeds, plants, and stories.




Remediation + Restoration

Landscape planning