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Altered: Exhibit

a selection of creatively remade artists' books from Special Collections


An altered book is a form of mixed media that changes a book from its original form into something new. Methods of alteration include painting, drawing, stamping, collaging, cutting, tearing, folding, and embedding things. The resulting object differs in appearance and meaning from the book or books that came before. Sometimes a physical book is used and upcycled, if you will; sometimes the finished product is editioned and printed digitally; sometimes the process results in a one of a kind sculptural work. But every time, the altered book inspires viewers to look closely and explore that book in a new way.  



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Claudia Covert
2nd floor, 203

Priyata Bosamia MDes 23

Special Collections Graduate Assistantship

Spring + Summer 2022 Fleet Library Exhibitions

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