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Rhode Island School of Design

Master's Thesis Submission Instructions: Questions:

This guide explains, step by step, how students will submit and GPDs will review and approve theses in Digital Commons.

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When will my thesis be posted?  How will I be informed?

You will be informed via your account with Digital Commons when your thesis is posted. (Usually a few days after submitting.)

What if I am not able to submit by PDF by the Friday deadline?

As long as your GPD has approved any extension, we follow their guidance. Please email: to alert us.

My thesis has been rejected? What does this mean, what do I do?

Check with your GPD.

Can I submit more than my PDF?
Yes, there are steps for additional files on the submission form itself.

What if I want to make a physical thesis book for the Library collection?

First: Supreme thanks. It is not required but know it will be looked at plenty! 

Second: You can get it to the library anytime. It should match the content of the PDF. Please deliver the physical thesis book to the Circulation Desk in Fleet Library, first floor, with a note "for Marc Calhoun."

Please check First Floor Hours before you drop off your thesis.