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Graduating Student Library Workers Book Display

Fleet Library recognizes the hard work and dedication of its graduating student employees by purchasing a book in their name for the library's collection.

Class of 2024

Each spring, Fleet Library recognizes the hard work and dedication of its graduating student employees by purchasing a book in their name for the library's collections. Below are the titles selected by our undergraduate and graduate student workers from the class of 2024, accompanied by the inspiration behind their selections. We thank them for all their hard work!

DAI ASANO  |  Photography, MFA

"My journey in risd started from my realization of Japanese identity which rooted in Zen. Zen shaped 60s and 70s contemporary art but I believe Zen Philosophy has more potential for our contemporary society. There are several books by D.T. Suzuki in Fleet but I couldn't find this one."

JUNYI CAO  |  Textiles, BFA

"It's a new book that talks about the relationship between architecture and textiles, exploring the boundaries between softness and rigidity."


"I absolutely love Deena's illustrative style and this is her debut novel. I really want her work to be seen globally as an example of an inspirational rising Egyptian graphic novelist."

SARA JEKELY  |  Film/Animation/Video, BFA

"I am from Hungary, and this film is a vital part of Hungarian and Eastern European animation. Probably the most well known to foreigners of our animated films, but still not known enough! It is an incredible film and would hugely enrich the collection."


"The best way to learn anatomy."

PRITHI KHALIQUE  |  Digital + Media, MFA

"A favorite childhood read."

NAHYUN KIM  |  Illustration, BFA

"I wanted other students to discover color theory in the style of illustrators and have a more recent reference for digital colors."

JASMINE J. LEE  |  Industrial Design, BFA

"This book gives you a different perspective on birds and how to observe them. At first glance it might look like a subtle, bird watching photographs. However once you flip through, the book gets gradually more and more fascinating and humorous! There is a page that observes birds' poop in a very educational but also funny manner. They record bird hiding the shadows of objects in the middle of the street. It merges education while keeping it fun. A plus is that the graphic design of the book is top level."


"As a Kewpie collector, I noticed the library does not have a book dedicated to just Kewpies! Rose O'Neill was a wonderful illustrator as well, so hopefully having this book around (and with the recent trends in kewpie collection) will inspire some appreciation for Rose O'Neill and little antique bisque dolls."


"I adore how this book captures the rapturous agonies of coming of age and falling in and out of love. I think The Marriage Plot perfectly captures the in-between space of graduating college and becoming a 'real adult.' Also, there is a fun Carr Haus cameo."

ASHLEY MAI NGUYEN  |  Illustration, BFA

"I choose this book because Terada Katsuya has been a large influence in my own practice within the illustration department. He is well recognized worldwide due to his unique line quality in his manga illustrations and has a rich imagination."


"I love her work, and the Fleet didn't have a dedicated book about her art."

PEISHAN YU  |  Illustration, BFA

"This book is published by my favorite publisher, Enchanted Lion Book’s new imprint Unruly. It is a reinterpretation of a classic folktale that pushes the boundary of what a picture book could be."