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Accessibility in the Library

If you or your student(s) need texts available in an alternative format, the library and Disability Support Services can work to assist you. 

Here are a few options:

  • Faculty: please consider assigning texts that are accessible to begin with! One option to explore is Open Educational Resources (OER). OER are materials for teaching and learning that are published with open licenses, usually for free. OER may appear as textbooks, lesson plans, articles, online learning tools, games, videos, or entire portals. 

  • If the text is in a readable format (for example, HTML, Word, PDF, or ePub), a screen reader may be a good solution.

  • If the text is a PDF or other digital file that is not screen-readable, we may be able to help convert it. Email us at If you'd like to do this yourself, see our instructions on how to make accessible PDFs

  • If you need an entire textbook in a different format than what was assigned, please see DSS. Keep in mind that these requests take time. DSS determines and coordinates reasonable alternate format accommodations to ensure materials are accessible to students with disabilities. Students approved for the Alternative-format books and readings accommodation should follow the procedures outlined below:

    • Step 1: See whether you can purchase or rent your book as an e-text, audio book, or other alternate format text that will work best for you. If it is available in another format, consider purchasing or renting the alternate format instead of the printed version.
    • Step 2: For a textbook not found in an alternate format, you must complete and submit an Alternate Format Text Request Form to DSS.