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Rhode Island School of Design

Artists' Book Collection at RISD

About Categories

To aid in locating artists' books in the collection, selected titles have been organized into several categories.

Content: Refers to the main subject matter or concept conveyed in the book.

Materials: Refers to the specific kinds of physical materials used in the book.

Medium: Refers to all kinds of non-print books.

Press: Refers to printing establishments who produce fine press books and artists' books.

Process: Refers to all kinds of hand, mechanical and digital printing and image-making techniques.

Structure: Refers to all kinds of binding structures and formats.

By Content

Alphabet Books

Artists' Catalogs

Artists' Sketchbooks & Journals

Conceptual Books & Artists' Multiples

Concrete & Visual Poetry

Gender Issues


Race Issues

Relationship Issues

Typography, Text & Image

Unique Books, One-of-a-Kind Books


By Materials


Handmade Paper



By Medium

Digital Books

By Process

Altered Books


Digital Printing

Letterpress Printing

Offset Printing

Printmaking (Intaglio)

Printmaking (Relief)



Silkscreen, Stencil, Monoprint

By Structure

Accordion Fold & Variations 

Book Objects & Unusual Structures

Flip Books

Japanese & Stab Bindings

Miniature Books

Pop-Ups & Movable Elements

Pamphlet & Saddle Stitch

Sewn Bindings

By Press