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Rhode Island School of Design

Artists' Book Collection at RISD

About Presses

Many book artists produce work under a press name, especially if they do the actual printing and printmaking themselves. Some presses are known for their letterpress printing, others for offset or digital printing. This list of presses does not represent all presses found in our collection. It simply refers to artists/presses for which we own more than two or three titles.


Alembic Press/ Claire Bolton

Arion Press/ Andrew Hoyem

Artichoke Yink Press/ Marshall Weber

Bird Brain Press/ Mark Wagner

Blue Heron Press/ Karen Kunc

Blue Moon Press/ Jim Lee

C & C Press/ Matt Cohen & Sher?

Cabbagehead Press/ John Risseeuw

Circle Press/ Sam Winston, Ron King, Karen Bleitz

Coracle Press/ Simon Cutts

Double Elephant Press/ Michael Kuch

Epigone Press/ Art Hazelwood

Flying Fish Press/ Julie Chen

In Cahoots Press/ Macy Chadwick

Indulgence Press/ Chip Schilling

INK-A! Press/ Inge Bruggeman

Janus Press/ Claire Van Vliet

Midnight Paper Sales Press/ Gaylord Shanilec

Mystical Places Press/ Jill Timm

Naughty Dog Press/ Emily Martin

Never Mind the Press/ Alisa Golden

Ninja Press/ Carolee Campbell

Palabra Press

Paradise Press/ Susan King

Parrhasian Press/ Rand Huebsch

Pear Whistle Press/ Werner Pfeiffer

Perishable Press/ Walter Hamady

Perkolator Press/ Amy Pirkle

Popular Kinetics Press/ Carol Barton

Press at Colorado College/ Jim Trissel

Press 63+/ Ruth Laxson

Purgatory Pie Press/ Dikko Faust & Esther Smith

Quercus Press/ Johnny Carrerra

Sailor Boy Press/ Jeffrey Morin

Scripp's College Press

Something Else Press

Triangular Press/ Barbara Tetenbaum

Verdigris Press/ Judith Rothchild

Wormwood Press