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Accessing Images for Presentations: Creating the PowerPoint

This guide will demonstrate how to create a slide show in PowerPoint using images downloaded from any of RISD's image databases.

From a Windows computer

Now that you have a single folder of images saved on your computer we can begin creating the presentation. 

  1. Start out by opening PowerPoint.
  2. From the menubar select "Insert" then "Picture"
  3. This should open a flyout with several options.  You could insert individual images at this point by selecting "from a file..." but we already have all of our images organized, and can create the entire presentation at once by clicking "New Photo Album"
  4. A dialog window will open giveing you the opportunity to select which images will be included in the slideshow.
  5. Click "file/disk..." in the top left corner of the dialog, and navigate to the folder where you have saved your images.
  6. Now select the images you want in the slideshow.  To select the images you can hold the shift key and click the last file in the folder, or hold the ctrl key and press "a."  Individual files can be selected by holding the Ctrl key while clicking each image file.
  7. Click "insert" at the lower right corner to finalize your selections.
  8. Then click "create" to create the slideshow.
  9. PowerPoint should now display a title slide followed by your slideshow with one image per slide.
  10. Save the presentation.

Tips and Tricks

     The order of slides can be changed by draging and dropping the thumbnails in the lefthand pane of the window.  This can also be controled before you create you slide show in the "Photo Album" dialog. 

     The dialog presents a list of the images to be added.  Select an image and use the up and down buttons below the list to change the placement of a single image.

Slideshows can be created with two or four images per slide.

     In the "Photo Album" dialog box, under the "Album Layout" section there is a dropdown menu which defaults to "Fit to slide", but can be changed to 1 per slide, 2 per slide, 4 per slide.

From an Apple computer

The version of PowerPoint available for Apple computers does not include the "Insert...Photo Album" option natively available to Windows users.  However there is an app available which will take one or more folders of images and create a PowerPoint presentation from these images. 

We are starting here assuming that you have a folder of images for your presentation already saved on your computer. 

  1. Download one of the batch image importers listed in the box below and extract the file by double clicking it. Remember to save it somewhere you will be able to find it again.
  2. Once the image importer is saved on your computer, simply double click the icon to open it.
  3. A Finder window will open allowing you to select the folder or folders with your images.  Hold the Command (⌘) key and click on the folders you want.
  4. Click the "Choose" button at the lower right of the dialog box.
  5. The image processor will create a PowerPoint presentation from your images with one image per slide.
  6. Power point will prompt you to name and save the presentation.

Tips and Tricks

The order of images can be changed by clicking and dragging slides in the left hand pane of the PowerPoint window.

Batch Image Importer

Below are three options for batch image importers depending on your platform and version of your operating system. The first is a website with instructions and download and the other two are applications as compressed files that will need to be unzipped once downloaded  (double click on the downloaded file and choose a place for the the app to be saved).

MetaShotPPtan embedded metadata/image importer for PowerPoint 2011 for Mac created by Visual Resources Association Data Standards Committee Embedded Metadata Working Group and funded by the VRA Foundation.