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Accessing Images for Presentations: Downloading from ARTstor

This guide will demonstrate how to create a slide show in PowerPoint using images downloaded from any of RISD's image databases.

Individual Images

Downloading individual images from artstor is a fairly simple process.

  • Start by searching for a particular artist or work.
  • Double click on the thumbnail of the image you wish to download to view the full sized image.
  • There is a row of icons at the bottom of the image.  Click the floppy disk icon, to save the image to your harddrive.

  • Save the file in a folder for your presentation.

Downloading Image Groups

Artstor offers a quick and easy solution for creating PowerPoint presentations. At the top of the page there is an icon which exports the image group directly to PowerPoint.

  • Start by selecting some images and adding them to an image group.
    • select images by single clicking on the thumbnail
    • add them to a group by clicking "organize" from the top menu, then save selected images to a new or existing image group.


  • Once you have all your images saved, open the slide show by clicking "organize" then "Open image group"
  • Select the group you wish to export, saved in "my working folder"
  • The image group will be downloaded as PowerPoint file
  • Note that the download is initated in a pop-up window, so popups must be allowed for Artstor.

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