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How to Cite Images

A guide to various ways of citing and captioning images.

APA Style

Figures include all graphical displays of information that are not tables. Common types include graphs, charts, drawings, maps, plots, and photos. Just like tables, figures should supplement the text and should be both understandable on their own and referenced fully in the text. This section details elements of formatting writers must use when including a figure in an APA document, gives examples of a figure formatted in APA style.

APA Style Figure setup See also: Sample Figures

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) Tables and Figures - scroll down to Figures to see a Figures Checklist

APA Style, 7th ed.  Image examples courtesy of MS State University Libraries

See also: The Concise APA Handbook, 7th edition. (ebook)
Image captions are discussed in Chapter 5, starting on page 39.