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Rhode Island School of Design

Color: Theory, Terminology, and Symbolism: Palettes

A resource guide on color theory, color symbolism and meaning

Explore Color Palettes

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color combinations

color in... + pictorial

color schemes

color palette

colors - analysis


Color Index

Try Adobe Color CC to generate the perfect color

Discover Historic Palettes

Sources for historic color palettes include

  • scanning fashion and art magazines from a specific time period
  • historic textile designs such as this series from the Victoria & Albert Museum
  • children's books, toys, or popular culture from a specific era
  • printed matter - graphic design, logos, wallpaper, comics, newspapers, ephemera
  • cultural sources - flags, insignia, uniforms, holidays, costumes

Picture Collection Color Folders
The Picture Collection has files devoted to Color with references to additional folders on Patterns-Color, Prisms, etc. Ask for these files at the service desk.


Local Color
If you're searching for images of a particular color, think of the local color of objects and check for files on those subjects. examples: camels, fire, flowers, snow, smoke, seeds...


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