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LAS E350: Global Literary Modernisms

Resources for preparing your weekly presentations


Refer back to this guide as much as you like. It's built to help with your presentations, but may prove useful in other ways.

Don't hesitate to reach out to a librarian if you want extra help. We can meet in person or just email.

The Assignment

" will be responsible for one or two 10-minute presentations related to the day’s assigned reading. A successful presentation will provide background on the author, the cultural, historical, and political contexts of the text we are reading, relevant concepts, and will stimulate discussion with probing questions that link the presentation to themes and/or passages in the assigned texts. Library-based research is a prerequisite for these presentations, and all sources consulted must be properly cited. Given that most of us are visual learners, effective presentations will have a visual component."


Here are stable links to the databases you may use in this class. If you use bookmarks, these are the URLs that will be most reliable (rather than the long convoluted ones that display in your address bar).

Literary Reference Center:




Fleet Search: