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LAS E350: Global Literary Modernisms

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Why Use Brown?

Brown University's libraries collect a much wider range of materials than we do at RISD. Because of their literary arts majors, you may find that their collection has material you'd like to access. Below are instructions on how to do that.

BOOKS at Brown

You can check out up to 5 books at a time from Brown. Visit the Rockefeller library front desk to get an access card (check to make sure your RISD Library account is valid before you go).

You can use to look up books beforehand.


Access to Brown's online resources is very carefully controlled.* The only way is to visit their libraries in person and use a visitor computer. There are  four at the Rockefeller Library and one at the Science Library on Thayer Street. From these computers, you'll have complete access to view and download - bring a USB drive or email items to yourself.

While you can't see what's available from off-campus, you can get a sneak preview by searching from Brown Libraries' front page. Enter your subject in the search box: you'll see how many articles are in the results, as well as a few snippets of available articles. Clicking on them will not help, sadly.

*Why isn't this easier? Colleges pay enormous sums of money for access to these resources, and those sums are often calculated in relation to how many students they have. It makes sharing between institutions complicated. Ask your friendly neighborhood librarian to complain about this to you anytime.