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Maps & Mapping: Land, water, climate, sky

Resources on spatial, chronologic, conceptual, contemporary, and historic maps & mapping

topographic map sites

TerraServer - View topographic maps, relief maps, and aerial photographs.

Maptech MapServer - Search by place name. Various scales provided.

USGS Topographic Maps Illustrating Physiographic Features

Terrafly By entering a U.S. address, an aerial photo is retrieved. U.S. Geological Survey satellite data are used for the aerial photo of your selected location.  Topos are also available.

USGS complete list of topographic maps.

geological & topographic maps

Geological maps show the structure and composition of the Earth's crust, including the strata of its composition, plates, their mutual relationships, and the successive changes to which their present condition and positions are due.

Topographic refers to maps representing a region at a level of detail or scale between a plan, which is a small area, and a chorographic map, which is a large regional map. Topographic maps include accurate representations of the location and shape of both natural and manmade features. The term refers to maps of various scales in different nations; it is generally limited to maps at scales of 1:500,000 or larger in the United States, but it often refers to scales of 1:1,000,000 or larger in Russia. The term is often mistakenly interpreted to mean maps that only represent natural relief features.