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Maps & Mapping: Land, water, climate, sky

Resources on spatial, chronologic, conceptual, contemporary, and historic maps & mapping

land, water, climate, sky

Native Land is a resource to learn more about Indigenous territories, languages, lands, and ways of life. The organization's guiding principles include:

  • Representing Indigenous nations and people on their own terms and not trying to be an “arbiter” of truth when it comes to territory claims
  • Increasing representation and real power of Indigenous people in our organization and with our partners
  • Enhancing the visibility and strength of Indigenous history, narratives that combat colonialism, and education initiatives

astronomy - charts, diagrams, etc.

see also stars - atlases

coastal mapping

national climatic data center

nautical charts

NOAA - national oceanographic & atmospheric administration satellite & information service

Sea level rise calculators

RI Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office for Coastal Management
Sea Level Rise Viewer

Artists and Water

River by Jen Bervin

In Jen Bervin's large-scale sculptural installation River an intricate model of the Mississippi River in silver sequins is inverted, mapped from a geocentric perspective.

geological & topographic maps

Geological maps show the structure and composition of the Earth's crust, including the strata of its composition, plates, their mutual relationships, and the successive changes to which their present condition and positions are due.

Topographic refers to maps representing a region at a level of detail or scale between a plan, which is a small area, and a chorographic map, which is a large regional map. Topographic maps include accurate representations of the location and shape of both natural and manmade features. The term refers to maps of various scales in different nations; it is generally limited to maps at scales of 1:500,000 or larger in the United States, but it often refers to scales of 1:1,000,000 or larger in Russia. The term is often mistakenly interpreted to mean maps that only represent natural relief features.

topographic map sites

Terrafly By entering a U.S. address, an aerial photo is retrieved. U.S. Geological Survey satellite data are used for the aerial photo of your selected location. Topos are also available.

USGS Topographic Maps

Flora & Fauna

Atlas of the Flora of New England

GoBotany (Native Plant Trust) Full Key and Dichotomous Key

Census of Marine Life

Rhode Island Bird Atlas

A Botany of Violence : across 529 years of resistance & resurgence

The 500-page book recounts over 500 years of oppression that began with colonial expeditions rampaging through the Central Andes and Western Amazon River region from the 16th century onwards in search of the elusive Cinchona plant whose bark contains the world’s only natural cure for malaria: the quinine alkaloid. 


MorphoBank was developed specifically to provide much needed tools for the expansion and modernization of phylogenetic work on phenotypes for scientists who are collecting phenotypic (often called "morphological") data to build phylogenetic trees. MorphoBank provides four interrelated toolsets for researchers who are archiving their data associated with peer-reviewed publications.