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Maps & Mapping: Locating maps

Resources on spatial, chronologic, conceptual, contemporary, and historic maps & mapping

Regional, state, local

Browse the RISD/ATH catalog and Brown's catalog for local map resources

Rhode Island maps (RISD/ATH)

Providence, RI maps

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Rhode Island

Digital Sanborn Maps of RI are available through Brown University Library

Brown Libraries - Spatial data and GIS

Providence AthenauemTravel & Exploration Collection(pdf)

Research guide to Rhode Island Maps

Related Guide - Place & Placemaking

Search the catalog for maps & mapping

Begin by browsing these subject links in RISD/ATH and worldcat







... and these related subjects


graphic methods

nautical charts

stars - atlases

statistics, charts, diagrams

Maps and Culture

Cultural geography

Search by Title

Dissident cartographies

Map Book

Search Thematically  - Browse the subject thematic maps in worldcat

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