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An introductory guide to library resources for Printmaking.


The term intaglio, means to engrave or to cut into. Intaglio is "the process by which an image is created by gouging, biting, or incising lines into the surface of a metal plate." The ink or pigment is lifted from the recessed marks carved in the print surface and transferred through pressure to damp paper. Common types of intaglio processes are etching, engraving, and collagraph. Intaglio emerged as an art medium during the fifteenth century out of a tradition of metal engraving where gold and silversmiths used the process to retain their designs for future use or to record their work in progress. The Printmaking Bible (p. 14)

General Resources

RISD's Fleet Library has many resources for Intaglio printing. Below you will find a selection of relevant books, to see a full list of the library's holdings click here.